Luc Castera

Full-stack software developer,  entrepreneur,  and travel enthusiast.


Test Driven Development with node.js

December 2014 at ITPalooza - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Machine Learning with node.js

November 2014 at NationJS - Silver Spring, MD

Lightning Talk: All You Need Is The Internet

February 2013 at ErlangDC - Reston, VA

Groupdock - NodeJam Presentation

September 2012 at Node Summit - San Francisco, CA

You can watch the video here. Slides are below.

Statecharts and Stativus

September 2012 at jsperu meetup - Lima, Peru

Introduction to SproutCore

November 2010 at DCRUG meetup - Washington, DC

Pitching Groupdock

September 2010 at Startup Rockstars #10 - Washington, DC

Concurrent Programming with Ruby and Tuple Spaces

June 2009 at RubyNation - Reston, VA

Ramaze: The underrated Web Framework

November 2008 at RubyConf - Orlando, FL

Ramaze: The underrated Web Framework

September 2008 at South Carolina RubyConf - Columbia, SC