Luc Castera

Full-stack software developer, entrepreneur, and travel enthusiast.

Born and raised in Haiti, Luc studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia and obtained his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

His weapons of choice are Javascript, Ruby, HTML5, and a Unix-like operating system. He also has strong interests in Lean Startups and Erlang.


Luc works at Intellum where he leads the development of Groupdock (a platform that allows focused, elegant HTML5 applications to work together) and Tribe Social (an enterprise social networking tool).

Luc is also the co-founder of Job509: the leading jobs website in Haiti. Previously, he co-founded a venture-funded startup called ShareMeme.

He is a passionate soccer fan and loves to travel. He speaks five different languages and has lived in the USA, Haiti, Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru.

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What has Luc been up to lately?

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finished reading: Zero to One

finished reading: Ninety Percent of Everything

finished reading: Executive Presence

finished reading: The Old Man And The Sea

finished reading: Thoughtful Machine Learning

finished reading: Haiti Noir

finished reading: Machine Learning With R

finished reading: Honeybadger's Guide To ML

took a class: R Programming

finished reading: Crear o Morir

recently travelled to: Cotes des Arcadins, Haiti

recently travelled to: Atlanta, GA

recently travelled to: Washington, DC

finished reading: Smart Couples Finish Rich